Our bodies are quite adept at healing themselves.  That being said, life is messy.  Sometimes our bodies suffer from blockages or deficiencies that prevent them from doing their best, most efficient work.  We use methods that help the body to overcome those obstacles,  such as like acupuncture, acupressure, and moxabustion,  as well as physical manipulations, like myofascial release, trigger point therapy, massage,  and cupping.  


The elephant in the room.  Needles.  Some people are fine with them, others have serious and real phobias surrounding them.  Acupuncture needles, however, are incredibly fine in their profile.  Called a filiform needle, meaning not hollow, the average acupuncture needle is roughly thrice the diameter of a human hair!  These needles are carefully placed along energy pathways in your body, called Meridians or Channels, at very specific locations.  The collection of needles work together to relieve pain, reduce stress, and correct a host of issues.  Acupuncture's success has spanned millennia, and recently has been approved by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Service for the treatment of back pain 


The manipulation of the soft tissues of the body has a history that even predates that of Acupuncture.  In fact, massage is considered the Mother of Acupuncture, and through massage the Meridians and Acupuncture Points were first discovered and used to treat a wide range of ills.  Through the years, many different styles and approaches have been created to work with the soft tissues of the body.  At Dao Wellness, we have fused together East and West to create a truly unique experience, incorporating aspects of Shiatsu and Tuina with the more modern western aspect of Myofascial Release and Trigger Point Therapy.  Our focus on trauma and rehabilitation of injury is sure to resolve your chronic or acute concerns 

Herbal Medicine

The use of Herbal Medicine dates back almost as long as the application of massage.  Through thousands of years of study and application, we have a large body of work that supports the use herbs as medicine in a wide variety of conditions.  These herbs may be plant-, animal-, or mineral-based, and come in a variety of forms for ease of consumption.  Most commonly we use the Guang ci tang brand of pre-made tablets for our patients just beginning to work with herbal medicine, as they are simple and easy to take on a regular basis.  For patients with more familiarity  taking herbals, we have granulate extracts which are mixed with water, or we have raw herbs and raw herb powders which can be cooked and the liquid consumed.  We provide both pre-made herbal formulas as well as custom compounds tailored to your specific needs. 


Thanks in large part to the 2016 Olympic Swim and Dive Teams (thank you,  Mr. Phelps!), most people have become familiar with the term Cupping.  By applying cups to affected regions of pain or discomfort, we are able to encourage the flow of blood and body fluids through the region.  The net effect of this therapy is to maximize performance, decrease recovery time, and improve rehabilitation from injury or chronic condition.  At Dao Wellness Center, we use a variety of Cupping solutions, including classical Glass and Fire cups, plastic hand-pump cups, and modern silicone cups, depending on region being addressed and the techniques that will be applied.  While your first cupping experiences are often advertised by the visual 'bruising' mark (these marks do not hurt like a bruise), after a few sessions you will find that you get the relief and benefit without the discoloration. 


Moxbustion, or Moxa for short, is the application of burning herbs to an affected region.  Most moxa today largely contains mugwart (in Mandarin called Ai Ye), and has a pleasant and earthy aroma.  Moxa is applied either through small cones mounted on an insulating base or through the use of a special box into which 'loose' moxa or large sticks are inserted.  Moxa is an excellent means to aid in pain reduction, infertility, and many other conditions.