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Welcome to Dao Wellness & Acupuncture Center

Located in South San Jose's Almaden Valley neighborhood, Dao Wellness & Acupuncture Center is Almaden's premiere alternative health clinic.  We are dedicated to improving the quality of your daily living through the application of our 5000 year old natural medical approach.  

Through the use of:

  • advanced and classical massage techniques
  • acupuncture
  • herbal medicine
  • cupping
  • diet and nutrition counseling
  • moxabustion

we are usually able to attain noticeable improvement of your chief complaint in the first visit!

Ancient Practice, Modern Pracitioners

The use of Chinese Medicine has been shown to predate written language.  Through careful record keeping and solid tradition, we are able to address most modern infirmities with great success.  From the common cold to rehabilitation from stroke, there is always something Chinese Medicine can do to assist you in reclaiming your quality of life.

Our Promise to You

Our greatest concern is your satisfaction with our services.  You will receive personal, one on one treatment with a licensed and empathetic professional.  Working with you, we will uncover the core nature of your issues, and create a treatment plan that fits your scheduling and financial constraints.  Your health is our focus, always.