Secret To Losing Weight

When talking about losing weight, the first 2 things come to our mind are eating less and exercising more. We’ve been told about these over and over again and naturally they have become the golden rule for losing weight. In the meantime, many people complain about eating almost nothing but still gaining weight or eating like a bird but still cannot lose a pound. The question is why.

First, let’s talk about our digestive system. If the digestive system is healthy, it should be able to digest all the food consumed. It should process and absorb all the nutrients, then convert them into energy that we can utilize. If the digestive system is inadequate or deficient, it may fail the last step converting the nutrients into energy. Instead, they get to deposited in the body and make people fat. At the same time, those people may just feel tired without any energy. We have seen those healthy kids, after eating, getting super energized. That’s a sign of healthy digestive system. If you too feel full of energy after having a good meal, it means your digestive system is up to par and functioning well.

So for those people eating minimum amount of food, constantly feeling tired, yet still gaining weight, the reason maybe their deficient digestive system. In TCM (traditional Chinese medicine), feeling sleepy after eating is another sure sign of deficiency, or more specifically, the digestive system Qi (energy) deficiency.

So to lose weight, you may need to make sure you have a good digestive system before you starve yourself and exercise to exhaustion.

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