Weight Control

Do you have too good an appetite? Do you eat little but still gain weight?

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) views and treats obesity quite differently from western medicine. In TCM's point of view, if all integral parts of one's body are in harmony, body weight will be adjusted naturally. Thus a stable and healthy weight will persist. In most cases, overweight is just a symptom and a manifestation of an imbalance caused by some other obvious or hidden problems.

For instance, obesity can be caused by an insatiable appetite, which can be caused by "extra fire" in the stomach. And in turn, the extra fire, or excessive yang, can be caused by stress or eating too much spicy food. In the case of overeating caused by stress from either work or family, overeating is just one of the symptoms. The root of the problem, your stress, must also be addressed. So while helping you to control your appetite, acupuncture and herbs will be used to help you relieve your stress.

Those who do not eat much but is still gaining weight, often feel tired and listless too. In this case, it can be caused by insufficient digestion function. In turn, the inadequate digestion system can be caused by deficient qi (vital energy and etc.) or yang (the needed fire). And again, qi deficiency can be caused by many factors. These factors include other sickness, overwork (either physically or mentally), improper diet, emotion (especially sadness), genetic, congenital (mainly from malnutrition), and many others.

In western medicine point of view, obesity equals to accumulated fat. In TCM, fat is no longer just fat. It is some harmful, sticky, and difficult to expel waste product. After TCM treatment, once an imbalance is corrected and normal visceral function is restored, the waste product (fat) will be eliminated by one's own body naturally.

At Dao Wellness, both the symptom (overweight) and the root of the problem will be treated. The treatment includes lifestyle consultation, body balance (both physical and mental) evaluation, medical acupuncture, personalized herbal medicine, proper diet consultation, tuina (TCM therapeutic massage), and qi gong coaching.

We like to help you achieve your ideal weight naturally. Each weekly full treatment* consists of: