Skin Rejuvenation and Face Lift

Though less well known in the west, TCM Cosmetology, an integrated part of Traditional Chinese Medicine, with solid theoretical foundation and aesthetic philosophy, has been rooted in oriental culture for well over 3000 years. Thousands of years' extensive researches, developments, and accumulated profound beauty knowledge make it perhaps the most developed and complete natural cosmetology in the world.

TCM Cosmetology treats every individual as an organic whole. Facial features, skin, hair and nail are only part of the overall. To make certain component perfect, for instance, a beautiful facial skin, we not only need to focus on the issues of a specific area, but also seek a comprehensive balance of the whole body, stability of the viscera, potency of channels of qi, and unimpeded circulation of qi and blood. It is noteworthy that channels of qi and vital energy, also called Meridian, must remain potent to have a beautiful healthy skin. If they are blocked due to an imbalance or diminished with natural aging, facial skin, its collagen and underlying muscles will be deprived of nutrient and vital supply. The results are sallow or loose skin, wrinkles and blemishes.

TCM Cosmetology focuses on holistic conditioning, so the effect can be lasting and perennial. The treatment includes cosmetic acupuncture, personalized herbal medicine (for both external application and internal intake), proper diet consultation, tuina (TCM therapeutic massage), and qi gong coaching.

At Dao Wellness Center, we will help you baby your skin. Each full facial treatment*, a 90-minute session, includes: