Fire Cupping

Fire Cupping pic

Fire cupping is one of the classic branches of therapy in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). In ancient times, bamboo cups or trimmed animal horn would be applied to the body. Today, we use specially crafted glass jars or engineered plastic cups to accomplish the same effect.

By applying flame to a glass cup, the air is consumed just prior to applying to the skin. The rapid cooling after placement creates localized low pressure, which then causes the skin and underlying tissue to be drawn upwards into the cup. A similar effect is achieved with plastic cups using a manual hand-pump.

Traditionally, this technique warms and promotes the free-flow of Qi (pronounced chi) which reduces pain and speeds recovery of injury and trauma. It can also have a positive impact on intestinal and lung disorders. From a Western therapeutic perspective, Cupping is an excellent method to achieve myofascial release. The cups are applied to areas of muscle, avoiding bony ridges or areas without a significant tissue mass.

Cupping has recently become culturally chic in the United States, as many athletes and celebrities have discovered the benefits of this ancient practice. A word of caution though: the treatment will usually leave a tell-tale circular discoloration on the skin that will persist for a few days after the treatment. These marks are usually 'shown-off' and worn with distinction and pride by those who bear them.

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