Detox and Whole Body Cleansing

Due to the increasing toxicity of our environment, an otherwise healthy body can be easily thrown into an imbalanced state. Pollutants we breathe in, chemicals and toxins in the food and drug we take, and poisonous wastes produced by our own bodies and accumulated while we were sick can all overwhelm our bodies' natural cleansing mechanism. Once our own natural cleansing ability is impaired, though all the tests may still show us that we are healthy, we can have the following symptoms:

Shortened life span and sicknesses like cancer, infertility, gene defects, autism, autoimmune diseases, chronic degenerative and painful conditions have long been attributed to environmental toxins and harmful chemicals.

At Dao Wellness, our goal is to help you expel toxins, restore your natural cleansing mechanism, and regain a balanced wellness. Detox program includes body balance (both physical and mental) evaluation, medical acupuncture, personalized herbal tea, proper diet consultation, tuina (TCM therapeutic massage), and qi gong coaching.

Treatment Plan: 2 Weeks, 2 Treatments/week

Each weekly treatment consists of:

In additional to acupuncture, customized herbs is essential to right the imbalance of your body. Thereafter, ideal weight can be naturally maintained.