Dr. Kenneth Hu's Blog

My blog is all about balanced health / wellness and alternative medicine (acupuncture, herbs, and etc.).

I have decided to start my own blog to share my knowledge with both my patients, students, and the public for quite some time. There are advices and suggestions I constantly provide to my patients that I think will be userful for everyone to achieve balancd health and total wellness. There are key concepts and critical information I frequently teach to my students to steer them clear of misconception of TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) and to help them fully appreciate the essence of TCM so they can become great acupuncture practioners.

I will start blogging all of them so people outside of my circle maybe benefited as well.

Click the topic below that interests you. Once on the blog, add your comment or question at will. I will respond whenever I can.

Date Topic
01/17/2010 Why Exercise Can Be Bad For You
01/01/2016 Secret To Losing Weight